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Acta Univ Latv (2008) 745: 115–130
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Acta Univ Latv (2008) 745: 115–130

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Expression of hepatitis C virus structural genes controlled by alphaviral recombinant replicons

Ekaterina Alekseeva*, Irina Sominskaya, Ruta Bruvere, Velta Ose, Anna Zajakina, Tatyana Kozlovska
Department of Protein Engineering, Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre,Ratsupites 1, Riga LV-1067, Latvia
*Corresponding author, E-mail: kate@biomed.lu.lv


Since no highly efficient treatment for the hepatitis caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV) is available yet, the development of an anti-HCV vaccine candidate remains a goal of high priority. In our study, two different alphaviral expression systems were applied for expression of HCV structural protein genes in cell culture. For this purpose, the HCV genome fragment encoding the core-E1-E2-p7 polyprotein, and HCV core and E2 genes, separately, were cloned in Semliki Forest virus (pSFV1) and Sindbis virus (pCytTS) expression vectors. Efficient synthesis of structural HCV proteins in a BHK-21 cell line was demonstrated. HCV polyprotein precursor was authentically posttranslationally processed. Identification of HCV proteins was confirmed by immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemical analysis, and by Western blotting with corresponding anti-HCV antibodies.

Key words: alphavirus, expression, Hepatitis C virus, Semliki Forest virus, Sindbis virus.

Acta Univ Latv (2008) 745: 115–130
 DOI: http://doi.org/10.22364/eeb

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