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Acta Univ Latv (2009) 753: 69–79
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Acta Univ Latv (2009) 753: 69–79

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Treatment of skin ulcers with adenylate deaminase, a glycoprotein from microscopic fungus Penicillium lanoso-viride

Vizma Nikolajeva1*, Daina Eze1, Maiga Artjuha1, Ingmārs Mikažāns2, Zaiga Petriņa1, Leontīne Antonoviča2, Dmitrijs Babarikins1, Indriķis Muižnieks1
1Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia, Kronvalda Bulv. 4, Rīga LV-1586, Latvia
2Faculty of Medicine, Riga Stradins University, Dzirciema 16, Rīga LV-1007, Latvia
*Corresponding author, E-mail: vizma.nikolajeva@lu.lv


The effect of topical application of adenylate deaminase (AMPD), an immunomodulatory glycoprotein produced by the microscopic fungus Penicillium lanoso-viride, on the experimental skin ulcers was studied in rats. In total, 28 animals in four groups were used. Carbopol hydrogel containing AMPD in doses of both 3.0 and 0.3 U mL-1 accelerated healing of the ulcer (p < 0.05). Complete (100 %) epithelialisation on the 21st day was observed in a group of animals treated with AMPD 3.0 U mL-1 and partial (60 %) epithelialisation in the group treated with AMPD, 0.3 U mL-1. No animal showed entired epithelialisation of skin ulcer treated with Carbopol and untreated control groups. The morphological results were supported by histological findings. Standard blood chemistry and complete blood counts parameters were within the normal range and without significant differences. Experimental results indicated that locally administered glycoproteinadenylate deaminase hydrogel possesses ulcer healing activity.

Key words: adenylate deaminase, healing, microscopic fungi, Penicillium lanoso-viride, skin ulcer.

Acta Univ Latv (2009) 753: 69–79
 DOI: http://doi.org/10.22364/eeb

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