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Environ Exp Biol (2015) 13: 1–11
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Environmental and

Environ Exp Biol (2015) 13: 1–11


The in vitro culture of Ceropegia species, important medicinal and ornamental plants: a review

Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva*
P. O. Box 7, Miki-cho post office, Ikenobe 3011-2, Kagawa-ken, 761-0799, Japan
*Corresponding author, E-mail: aimetex@yahoo.com


The genus Ceropegia of the Asclepiadaceae family encompasses a range of vines with medicinal and ornamental value. One way to clonally propagate such material is through in vitro culture. This review highlights the achievements made in in vitro culture and related biotechnologies of members of this genus. Details of protocols are provided and difficulties and hurdles that are yet to be overcome are pointed out. This short review provides a succinct synthesis of the literature on this topic and also a practical manual for researchers wishing to engage in new research involved with the in vitro culture of members of this genus. The range of studies conducted thus far is limited, and this review will serve as an impetus for new studies focusing on research themes that have not yet been explored.

Key words: in vitro regeneration, lantern flowers, plant growth regulator, vines.

Environ Exp Biol (2015) 13: 1–11
 DOI: http://doi.org/10.22364/eeb

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