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Volume 16, Number 1
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Environmental and

Volume 16, Number 1

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Walag A.M.P., Layaog A.G., Garcia G.U. 2018. Survey of echinoderms in the intertidal zone of Goso-on and Vinapor, Carmen, Agusan del Norte, Philippines. Environmental and Experimental Biology 16:31–38.
DOI: 10.22364/eeb.16.04

Fig. 2. Different species of sea stars and sea urchins collected from Goso-on and Vinapor, Carmen. A, Acanthaster planci; B, Choriaster granulatus; C, Culcita novaeguineae; D, Linckia laevigata; E, Protoreaster nodosus; F, Astropyga radiata; G, Diadema setosum; H, Echinometra mathaei; I, Echinotrix calamaris; J, Salmacis sphaeroides; K, Tripneustes gratilla.

Table of Contents

Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Mafatlal M. Kher, Deepak Soner, M. Nataraj
Indian kino tree (Pterocarpus marsupium): propagation, micropropagation, and biotechnology
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 1–8

Orginal Papers
Laura Klavina, Gunta Springe, Iveta Steinberga, Anna Mezaka, Gederts Ievinsh
Seasonal changes of chemical composition in boreonemoral moss species
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 9–19
Sautrik Basu, Anusuya Basak, Rajashree Bose, Rukmini Chakrabarty, Jukta Adhikari
Isolation, partial purification and biochemical characterization of chloroplastic L-myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase from a macro alga Enteromorpha intestinalis under high salinity
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 21–30
Angelo Mark P. Walag, Archie G. Layaog, Genevieve U. Garcia
Survey of echinoderms in the intertidal zone of Goso-on and Vinapor, Carmen, Agusan del Norte, Philippines
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 31–38
Hossam F. Abou-Shaara, Mona I. Elbanoby
Factors impacting survival of mature honey bee drones kept in small laboratory cages
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 39–44
Ineta Salmane, Joanna Mąkol
A brief overview and checklist of terrestrial Parasitengona mites (Actinotrichida, Trombidiformes) of Latvia
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 45–47
Zane Andersone, Līga Ozoliņa-Moll
Acute effect of low and moderate glycemic index drinks on plasma glucose level in professional football players during prolonged intermittent exercise
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 49–53
Mudīte Rudzīte, Elmīra Boikova, Edgars Dreijers, Iveta Jakubāne, Elga Parele, Digna Pilāte, Māris Rudzītis
The New Red List of the molluscs of Latvia
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 55–59

Conference Abstracts
Abstracts of the 76th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia
Environ Exp Biol (2018) 16: 63–109

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