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Volume 18, Number 4
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Volume 18, Number 4

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Kadi-Bennane S., Takilt D., Bedad K., Harchaoui-Bournine C., Mezaour N., Adjoud-Sadadou D. 2020. Preliminary study of the mycorrhizal community according to the age of the Afares oak (Quercus afares) of the Akfadou forest, Algeria. Environmental and Experimental Biology 18: 237–247.
DOI: 10.22364/eeb.18.24

Fig. 1. Examples of ectomycorrhizae observed on roots of Quercus afares in natural forest of Akfadou (Algeria). A, ECM Lactarius sp.1: contact exploration type, simple with orange color (× 20). B, ECM Lactarius sp.1: cross section, thick and compact pseudoparenchymatous mantle. C, ECM Pisolithus tinctorius long-distance exploration type (× 40). D, ECM P. tinctorius: cross section, with plectenchymatous mantle and rhizomorphs (× 400). E, ECM 42: monopodial and yellowish brown color (× 40). F, ECM 42: cross section, plectenchymatous mantle with presence of tannin cells (× 400). G, ECM Quercirhiza sp.1: monopodial and dark color with emanating hyphea (× 20). H, Quercirhiza sp.1: longitudinal section, pseudoparenchymatous mantle and para-epidermal Hartig network. I, ECM Thelephora terrestris (× 40). J, ECM T. terrestris: longitudinal section, compact plectenchymatous mantle with rhizomorph (× 400). K, ECM 1: ramified and greyish, medium-distance type. L, ECM 1: cross section, thick plectenchymatous mantle with compact outer mantle. M, ECM 25: monopodial-pyramidal, orange (× 20). N, ECM 25: cross section, pseudoparenchymatous mantle and periepidermal Hartig network on one layer cell (× 400). O, ECM 31: monopodial, straight, yellowish contact type (× 40). P, ECM 31: longitudinal section, contact exploration type, pseudoparenchymatous mantle with angular cells (× 400). Q, ECM Cenococcum geophylum: with rather thick emanating hyphea (× 40). R, C. geophylum: cross section, with star-like tightly glued hyphae, cenococcoid mantle (× 400).

Table of Contents

Orginal Papers
Saliha Kadi-Bennane, Dyhia Takilt, Karima Bedad, Chafia Harchaoui-Bournine, Nadjat Mezaour, Djamila Adjoud-Sadadou
Preliminary study of the mycorrhizal community according to the age of the Afares oak (Quercus afares) of the Akfadou forest, Algeria
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 237–247
Hakon Kampe-Persson
Occurrence of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus in Latvia: linking migration to conservation
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 249–269
Ananya Nayak, Sunanda Sasmal
Monsoon moths (Lepidoptera: Heterocera) of Midnapore town, West Bengal, India: a preliminary checklist with a note on their diversity
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 271–282
Thejanuo Rhetso, M.S. Roopa, Abraham Verghese, R. Shubharani, V. Sivaram
Efficacy of different extracts of Allium chinense bulb against Sitotroga cerealella infestation in stored paddy grain, Oryza sativa
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 283–289
Aref Fatehi, Babak Pasari, Asad Rokhzadi
Improvement of the physiologic characters, grain yield and quality of soybean induced by magnetic water and methanol
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 291–298
Sarita Mishra, Rakhi Agarwal
Assessment of behavioural toxicity in dichlorvos-exposed Caenorhabditis elegans
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 305–311

Brief Communications
Jānis Sauka, Aleksandrs Semjonovs, Edgars Baranovičs, Vizma Nikolajeva
Growth potential of Listeria monocytogenes in cold smoked sausages with and without fermentation
Environ Exp Biol (2020) 18: 299–303

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