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Volume 22, Number 2
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Environmental and

Volume 22, Number 2

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Nazir S., Yasien U., Ashraf A., Ganie S.A., Bhat A.W. 2024. Unravelling the role of Set2 protein domains in H3K36 methylation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Environmental and Experimental Biology 22: 87–93.
DOI: 10.22364/eeb.22.09

Comparison of the protein domains of budding yeast Set2 and human SETD2. The architectural organization of Set2 in budding yeast and its human homolog SETD2 exhibits remarkable conservation of domains: Both proteins feature a highly conserved domain arrangement, including a catalytic SET domain responsible for methyltransferase activity. Adjacent to the SET domain lies the Autoinhibitory Domain (AID), whose precise function remains largely elusive. Following the AID, a tandem arrangement of the WW, coiled-coil (CC) domains, and Set2-Rpb1 Interaction (SRI) domain are located at the C-terminal end.

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Jan Paulo S. Gargaran, Reymar Dominic Y. Capuno, Vanessa Faith P. Novicio, Chuchie C. Petiluna, Chantal Erika T. Catalba, Desiree Ann P. Paras, Jake Joshua C. Garces
Mangrove ecosystem in Asia: review and synthesis of ecosystem services and economic valuation methods
Environ Exp Biol (2024) 22: 59–70
Anjana Ramesh, Athira Sajan, Mina Mobram, L.H. Namitha, N.D. Brijithlal, G. Prakash Williams
Unique adaptations and bioresources of mangrove ecosystems
Environ Exp Biol (2024) 22: 71–78

Orginal Papers
Sethu Madhavan, Niveditha Dinesh, Rashid N.R. Muhammed, Deepa John, Sini Hariharan, Kottayath G. Nevin
Bioinformatic insights into the xenobiotic degradation potential gene clusters of fish-associated novel Bacillus velezensis SNR14-4
Environ Exp Biol (2024) 22: 79–86
Saima Nazir, Urseela Yasien, Aaqib Ashraf, Showkat Ahmad Ganie, Abdul Wajid Bhat
Unravelling the role of Set2 protein domains in H3K36 methylation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Environ Exp Biol (2024) 22: 87–93

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